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Billy x SILO Aprons

Many chefs talk about sustainability, but only a few back this up with serious action. Douglas McMaster is the pioneering chef behind the UK's first zero-waste restaurant, SILO, and the author of The Zero Waste Blueprint. Doug's obsession with reducing waste means that SILO famoulsy has no bin - everything is either used or composted - but it also leads him to scrutinise the entire supply chain from every angle.

Silo London Dish

After 5 years in Brighton, SILO has just completed a relocation to London's Hackney Wick, where renovating the new site meant lots of research into materials. From mycelium (mushroom) furniture to recycled plastic counters, the interiors follow the same uncompromising zero-waste philosophy.

We were kindly introduced to Doug and his team back in March 2019 (thanks Lizzie), as they were looking for staff aprons that wouldn't need to go in the washing machine - saving both energy and water. Our goat leather, hard-wearing and created from a waste stream, fit the bill perfectly and our brief included a slight adjustment to the shape of our classic apron and the removal of the tea towel strap (there are no tea towels at Silo, so they will be using chamois leather scraps).

Douglas McMaster Apron

We can't wait to get over to SILO to see our aprons in action and to try dishes that currently include 'Barbecued carrots with egg yolk fudge' and a main of 'braised Fresian dairy cow'. We also hear that the porridge on their brunch menu is worth the trip alone. Awards are surely incoming.

Discover more about our goat leather aprons here.

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